How you should treat an escort !!

One thing you should remember is that like any other person , they are humans like you.
The job they do don’t allow you to treat them less respectful or to treat them different from any other people with any other job!

Here we present you few ways to treat an escort :

Be Grateful:

As much as people may think that it just happens , at times just saying thank you and treat them as well as one would easily treat any other human does go a long way and one may easily be able to actually go along way is just good to act like human and say thank you !

Respect their boundaries:

Some escorts ted to have boundaries of how far they can go.
Some of the girls can do everything and they can accept more things easily , some of the girls have this boundaries and they have certaint things they won’t do it.
That ‘s why before to book an escort read her description and respect the things they are open to do and no.

Don’t act like you own them:

When you book an escort and pay for her services , make sure you undestand you don’t owe them.
When you book an escort you pay for her time and attention , if you are paying that don’t allow you to be miserable or to treat them not nice , you have to respect them and the things they are going to do for you !!
Think they are human too , not objects.

Pay what is due :

Nevertheless, it is important to pay them what is due to them before a services has been given.
One is expected to pay for the services as previously discussed.

Midnight Escort Team!