Why men usually prefer pretty blonde ladyes??

The cliche that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is one of the truest sayings in the world.
It is apparent that one finds beautiful could be simply boring to someone else.
Acording to a few studies , men prefer pretty blonde girls over any kind.

Shocking enough, only 2 percent of women in the world are naturally blonde.
This means that in every 100 women there is only one blonde and hence she is easy to spot because she stands out.
The psychology of men tells them to go for the unique and this is why they are attracted to pretty blondes.
In this case , the reason why men prefer pretty blonde girls is because they are predisposed to select the odd parameters in many.

Apparently men like things that are shiny.
You may think this is about cars and toys only but they really actually even their women to shine.
Blonde hair tends to have that glossy look and it shines when exposed to the sun.
Blondes have shiny soft skin and men loves that when touching they soft skin.

The main reason why men prefer pretty blonde girs is because they are fun and easy going.
This could indeed be true because serious women prefer to have dark hair.