Sex Worker Answers The Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask (funny)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten tired of sex. Now imagine you’re counting sheep and the sheep start getting frisky. That’s right, even us sex workers have days where we wish our bodies came with a ‘Closed for Maintenance’ sign. But here’s the newsflash – it’s our job. We lace up our metaphorical work boots (or rather, unlace our lacy lingerie) and get down to business. Pardon the pun, I swear it just slipped out.

Let’s start with introductions, shall we? I’m Chrissy, a genuine Aussie sex worker. Joline, a purveyor of adult entertainment, dominatrix and escort, is also part of our team. And then there’s Janine, a jack-of-all-trades in the adult industry. No, don’t look at us with those star-struck eyes. We’re just regular Joes (or Janes) clocking into a different kind of 9-to-5.

People always ask us how we got into this business. Was it a dreamy aspiration, fueled by Hollywood’s scandalous portrayals? Nah, mate. Just like any gig, it was a practical solution to a tight budget. You see, being a sex worker isn’t like discovering you can shoot webs from your wrist. There’s no radioactive spider involved, just an empty bank account and a desire to get the dough rolling.

As for the crazy things we learn on the job, let’s just say human anatomy gets far more interesting in our line of work. And the wild requests? Oh boy, from a fascination with balloons to requests for feline roleplay, we’ve seen and heard it all. And yes, the requests often involve us dolled up in our cat ears, licking Rozay from a saucer, bound by Shibari ropes, and transported across rooms on a latex-covered adult toy. But don’t worry, we’re not exclusively a nighttime operation. We have day shifts too. The industry’s not all darkness and shadows, you know?

Now, a common misconception is that we need to maintain some Victoria’s Secret angel-like standards. Absolutely not! The beauty of our job is its diversity. Whether you’re inked, non-inked, skinny, or pleasantly plump, there’s a niche for everyone. Just like in real estate, it’s all about the right kind of marketing.

As for our family’s opinion on our profession? Well, let’s just say it’s an ongoing dialogue. From bewildered grandparents grappling with the concept of fetishes to parents slowly coming around, it’s all part of the gig.

Is our job dangerous? Well, every job has its risks. Even plumbers risk getting a nasty bite from an unexpected creature lurking in the pipes. But we have measures in place to ensure our safety. The real danger? Stigma. The only way to fight it is with full decriminalization of the profession, at least on this side of the globe.

The question we’re asked the most: How much sex do we really have in a week? It’s surprisingly similar to the ‘average Joe’. People think we’re engaged in Olympic-level gymnastics for hours, but trust us, we aren’t. Our weekly tally of horizontal dancing varies just like yours, albeit with a slightly higher frequency.

Oh, and yes, we set our own prices. This isn’t a supermarket sale where you can haggle for a cheaper rate. We run our own businesses, create our own content, and manage our own social media.

And let’s bust one final myth. Yes, we do get tired of sexy at times.